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from all participating countries in its new
capacity as partner of an Olympic organizing
Another international Bauerfeind team will
be on the ground in London – all experts in
the field of orthotics. Bauerfeind employees
will be working a two-shift system at the
polyclinic in the central Olympic village in
Stratford. Injured Olympians will be given
Bauerfeind supports and orthoses at this
site. Other orthotists will be busy at the
­German House in London. The right product
for the individual athlete will be chosen by
the orthotists in conjunction with the ath-
lete’s team physician and physiotherapists.
Bauerfeind also, of course, adjusts products
to fit as part of the service it provides.
Before the games even begin, the physi-
cians and physiotherapists working with
Bauerfeind products at the competition ven-
ues and polyclinics will be told all about their
applications and modes of action, as well as
receiving training in how to use them.
Preparations are gathering speed
The first wave of Bauerfeind employees will
fly to London as early as the start of July to
ensure they are ready to start work on the
ground as soon as the polyclinics open in
the Olympic villages on July 9. The German
House – and the orthotic service station
based there – will open on July 26. However,
plans are already being drawn up at the
magazine 2012/1
company’s headquarters in Zeulenroda about
how to supply the products to London. These
include a variety of supports and orthoses
from the Bauerfeind product range for the
feet, knees, hips, spinal column, shoulders,
hands, and elbows. A basic stock of products
The German House, the headquarters of the
German team, will be based in the Museum of
London Docklands.
The orthopedic aids are also individually adapted
on site if required.
in various sizes will be made available at the
Olympic villages and competition venues,
although most will be kept at the official
central warehouse in London. “Fresh supplies
can be flown in from Germany if required
– even at very short notice,” emphasizes
Lars Birnbaum, Olympics project manager at
­Bauerfeind. “In Vancouver, we started off
with more than 2,000 products, but had to
get even more. With around four times as
many athletes taking part in this year’s sum-
mer games, we will initially be sending over
10,000 supports and orthoses to London.”
As such, Bauerfeind is in great shape for the
30th Olympiad.
Fencer Nicolas Limbach having his foot pressure
Joachim Böckelmann, Head of Medical/Techni-
cal Support at Bauerfeind (center), explains the
results of the measurements to physiotherapist
Sylvia Henn and Nicolas Limbach.
Visualizing the results: the colors clearly depict
the pressure profile.
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