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magazine 2012/1
Now even more comfortable
The duo Christian Blanco and Thomas Hofstädter
(team VIDA) managed to finish the 24-hour race
in a very creditable 10th place.
The SacroLoc back orthosis for stabilizing
the pelvis, sacroiliac joints and symphysis
has proven its effectiveness in practice ever
since it was launched onto the market in
2010. Thanks to small yet fine refinements,
the orthosis is now more comfortable than
ever. Longer fastening tabs with wider hand
loops make it easier to put on the ortho-
sis. A narrower shape and softer edges on
the fastening tabs also provide enhanced
wearing comfort. To ensure that patients do
not inadvertently put the orthosis around
their body incorrectly the upper edge is
now trimmed with a gray band. Prompted by
market requirements, Bauerfeind has also
extended the SacroLoc size range and, in
doing so, has slightly altered the size classi­
Size 5, for example, is now designed for pa-
tients with hip measurements of 130 to 145
centimeters. Slight overlaps in the sizing
make it easier to provide the right orthosis
for patients who are between sizes. For more
information, visit
Pictures: Bauerfeind, Peter Wyslouzil, Ironman de Nice/Bene Altshul, Archivo Dr. Kotlik
English version of the GOTS manual
“Sports Orthopedics” is the title of the English edition of the official manual
of the German Society for Orthopedic Traumatologic Sports Medicine (Gesell-
schaft für Orthopädisch-Traumatologische Sportmedizin – GOTS). Almost 100
authors helped compile the book which runs to nearly 800 pages. It is edited
by PD Dr. med. Martin Engelhardt, a former President of GOTS, and science
writer Alexander Dorr. Bauerfeind AG has supported the publication of both
the English edition and its German counterpart “Sportverletzungen”, back in
2006, which has since become a standard text. “Sports Orthopedics” is expect-
ed to enjoy similar success on an international scale, helped by Bauerfeind’s
global presence, not to mention the Bauerfeind Academy and its network in
the fields of education and continuous professional development.
Sports Orthopedics
Prof. Hans B. Bauerfeind with PD Dr. med. Martin Engelhardt at the
book presentation during the second orthopedics and sports orthopedics
conference in Zeulenroda, September 2011.
355 kilometers of skiing – all in a good cause
Christian Blanco, a ski cross racer from the Brazilian national team, and Thomas Hofstädter,
a former Austrian professional skier, took part in the 24-hour race in the Canadian resort of
Tremblant in the colors of team VIDA. They were supported in their endeavors by Bauerfeind
Austria and Bauerfeind Latin America. The competition is one of the world’s biggest charity
ski events: More than 200 teams, mainly comprising between six and twelve skiers, took part
in an exciting race at the end of January and collected donations for various causes in the
process. Despite the two athletes in team VIDA having to take over from each other every two
to three hours for a whole day and night (being the only team with just two members), they
managed to finish in a very creditable 10th place. Together, they skied for almost 355 km,
which involved some 65,000 m variation in height. Thanks to VenoTrain sport compression
stockings and a GenuTrain support, both athletes came through the ordeal remarkably well.
For more information, visit
Bauerfeind supports endurance skiers